Who we are

We are a young couple opposed to ways of life that promote materialism, wastefulness, and environmental devastation. It’s time to accept our individual responsibility to the planet and try something different. We’re on a mission together — to live in the present, to nurture our love, and to build a lifestyle that is compatible with the health of this planet.

How we met

Alex, Faith, and the native leaders of Rosebud Camp on their wedding day. Photo credit: John Wathen

We arrived at Standing Rock — a ceremonial protest encampment in North Dakota protesting an oil pipeline and defending indigenous rights — within two days of each other. Alex had flown in from Australia, and it was his first time in the States. Faith had been traveling across the country in her van for six months before landing at the camp. We met each other when we both joined the same construction crew, tasked with building durable winter shelters.

We clicked immediately, and began bonding through our shared experiences: building a community at Rosebud (Sicangu) Camp, coping with bitterly cold temperatures and blizzards, and taking a ceremonial stand for the protection of Planet Earth. The two of us held a deep desire to carry the lessons we learned into our lives after Standing Rock, and realized we had each found a partner to do that with. Two months later we were married while still at camp, with a beautiful ceremony organized by all of our friends.

About Faith

Photo credit: Evan Sobkowicz

Faith is 22 years old, and was born and raised in Geneva, in the Finger Lakes Region of New York — originally inhabited by the Haudenosaunee people. Instilled with a deep love of nature from a young age, she quickly became an ardent advocate for protecting the natural environment. In 2014 she was arrested for protesting the Keystone XL Pipeline outside of the White House. That same year, she joined the Great March for Climate Action and walked from New Mexico to Pennsylvania (yes, you read that right: walked). Faith continued to push for environmental justice following her return to New York, as a founding member of We Are Seneca Lake, a civil disobedience movement aimed at protecting Seneca Lake from dangerous gas storage

Throughout all this, Faith also studied journalism for three years at Ithaca College, and wrote award-winning articles for the student newspaper, The Ithacan. Although she was and still is passionate about journalism and writing, Faith became disenchanted with the institution of higher education and felt the direction she was headed in did not meet her personal ideals and morals. After a particularly rough year at school, she took some time off, bought a van, and turned it into a mobile home. So began a nine-month journey of personal renewal and self-discovery, and while traveling she met and married Alex. She decided to stop attending school and pursue the life she has been longing for with Alex — one dedicated to minimalism and sustainability.

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About Alex

Alex is 23 years old and comes from Canberra, Australia — an area originally inhabited by the Ngunnawal (nun-a-wall) people. He is an avid fiction writer and has spent his adult life pursuing several different interests: chef (apprentice), postman, ballroom dance instructor and university student. During 2015 Alex backpacked through New South Wales, working on organic farms, during which time he met and subsequently travelled with Peter Andrews- a renowned Australian farmer turned environmentalist, known most famously for his works “Back From the Brink” and “Beyond the Brink.” Through this experience Alex gained an intimate appreciation for the environment and the extent of the damage that it is currently suffering.

In November of 2016, Alex was presented with a humbling opportunity — to travel to Standing Rock, North Dakota, and stand in solidarity against the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL). Here he met and married Faith Meckley, and together they are pursuing  a life of peace, happiness and environmental sustainability — The Earthling Dream.